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Productivity & "Flow State" Coaching

Do less, accomplish more.
Stop fighting yourself.

Find the powerful, effortless Flow State.

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What is it?Who's this for?

For those with the following issues:

You spend way too much time procrastinating on your work

You’re always running around putting out fires and never getting any real work accomplished

You're constantly “busy” but never actually accomplishing anything

Constantly feel like you’re wasting time, wasting life, and wasting your potential

The relationships in your life (even the good ones) seem to be leaving you drained and exhausted 

You feel directionless - lacking purpose or fulfillment. 

Everyday feels exactly like the last, getting to the end of the day and thinking "I need to do better"

What is Productivity and Flow-State Coaching?

Productivity & Flow State Coaching is 1-1 therapeutic work designed to do the following things:

1) Explore the nature of your relationship with your work, life, and purpose in order to discover the source of the pain, stress, and confusion that you’re experiencing.

2) Resolve the blockages and friction so that you can ground into a profoundly productive state of flow with your work.


This all takes place over the course of 10 weekly 1hr calls.

What's it like??

Jether, Brazillian Assertiveness Coach (Excerpt; see full version below)

What does that look like, practically speaking?


Here's what we don't do:


- Focus on the symptoms of the issue or work with "bandaid solutions" that don't get to the core of the problem.

- Waste time on "time-savers" that just end up being more busy work like organizing your "to do" lists, calendars, and inboxes.

Instead, my coaching revolves around getting to the root of the issue, focusing on what really works, like resolving inner conflict, repairing your self-integrity, and grounding into your deeper resources of clarity and creativity. When we do this, you no longer need to "try" to be productive you just become productive.

You just become someone who knows what to do, and does it, with ease and creativity, every day.

Success just becomes a natural byproduct of how you live your life!

Through dissolving fears, rewriting subconscious beliefs, gaining clarity on your priorities, and tuning up your lifestyle, purpose, play, and productivity become one and the same and success and fulfillment show up all on their own.

What exactly happens in these sessions?

The sessions are remote, are an hour long, and can go with or without video (depending on what you’re comfortable with.)

The tone is relaxed, conversational, and safe.


I draw upon my readings of different texts and modalities, as well as intuitive hits to find the cause of friction/blockage around your work.

In addition to my certifications in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, I draw upon teachings that I've received from some of the world's most profound teachers of healing, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

Readings that I'm most influenced by presently

Ultimately, what we're doing is discovering and dissolving friction in your work. Once the cause of friction is fully seen, articulated, and understood – it can only now be resolved, healed.

The key idea here is that when there are no misunderstandings, trauma, or cross-wired belief systems that are preventing you from digging into your work, then you just naturally become productive.

These talks go deep, as deep as they have to.

These talks are also as surface-level and practical as they need to be (clean up your messy desk!).


What Clients Say

If only I had a time machine to tell my earlier self to do this sooner I would. Before I started working with Brent, I felt stuck with the way things were going in my life. I tried every app, book, or technique out there to help with procrastination, habit tracking, planning goals, imposter syndrome, and the list goes on. I did not get very far on my own.
Initially, I signed up to work with Brent for 6 months. Just in those 6 months alone I started an online business, improved my time management skills, evolved work relationships, and learned to actually be productive for the first time. Things in my life started to move upwards. I decided to continue working with Brent for another 6 months. This is where it got really interesting...
- Manny in California

Does it work? Will I become more productive?


How much is it?

You can get a 10-session package for $1,750 CAD. This amount typically comes out to around $1,300 USD. If you like, we can set up a 2 or 3 month payment plan.


Do you offer one-off sessions, or must it be all ten?

No - these sessions pick up their own momentum and the bulk of the benefit is in its cumulative effect. Each session builds on the last and offers more breakthroughs the higher we go. My work is in transforming your relationship with your work, so to do this we need sufficient lane-way for takeoff

How do I sign up?

Click through below to get a free consultation.


I’ll take some time to learn about you, and I’ll answer any questions you may have as well. If everything looks good then we’ll get you signed up and choose a date for our first session.

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