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Intuitive Healing Sessions

Bring internal conflict to a close
Release beliefs that disallow your healing
Find safety and wholeness in your own experience

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What are Intuitive Healing Sessions?

They’re 1 on 1 private online sessions designed to create deep and lasting healing in your emotions, mind, and spirit.

In these sessions we dissolve fear, worry, insecurity, guilt, shame, and trauma among other things – and bring you into a place of deep, stable, grounded peace.

During the call Brent will ask a handful of questions to get a sense of the scope of the healing to be done, will then ‘find the thread’, and then gently guide the you to the core of the issue so that it can be seen, acknowledged, and then resolved.

The resolution and integration of these core issues is the step that 99% of people miss on their journey of healing. Without this step the issue will disappear for a short time and then pop back up, presenting in the same way or in different symptoms.

How do they work?

The sessions themselves have the feel of a relaxed conversation between friends. There’s little that you need to do on your end aside from showing up with honesty and a true willingness to heal. Your attention will be guided to areas of your psyche where you’re in conflict against yourself, and you’ll be invited to release that conflict.


Alternatively we may discover areas of your life in which you’re not speaking up for yourself, not listening to your intuition, or not bringing attention to areas of yourself that are in deep need of it. In all of these cases Brent will offer the correct guidance needed to fix these.


Over continued sessions we will begin a journey inward, allowing a feeling of loving curiosity to guide us from one moment of self-healing, insight, and liberation to the next.


For a longer, more detailed explanation on this, I made a video that you can check out HERE.

Are these sessions for you?

Are you truly willing and ready to resolve these challenges you are experiencing?

These sessions are for you if you’re sick and tired of holding yourself back and ready, willing, and grounded enough to take a look inside and bring loving attention to aspects of you that need it. 


I am not a therapist, counselor, or doctor of any kind, and as such these sessions would be inappropriate for you if you’re in a state of mental or emotional crisis. 


It also wouldn’t be appropriate for you if you have a serious mental disorder such as suicidal depression, psychosis, bipolar, drug addiction, or other psychiatric or mental conditions.

What Clients Say

Brent is a straight up gift to humanity.
To whatever level you're willing and able to explore the depth of intricacy involved in "being human", Brent will be your guide. With kindness, encouragement, and deep insight, you are in the best of hands. He has helped me become a better version of myself, by guiding me to acceptance of just about everything that makes me, me.
- Erin in Seattle

How can I get Intuitive Healing Sessions?

Intuitive Healing Sessions are 50 minutes long, sold in 4 Session Blocks and can be held weekly or biweekly. One 4-Session Block is $700 CAD (approx $530 USD).


One thing I offer, If you’re interested, is a complimentary live consultation. 

This allows us to connect and speak briefly about the process, I can answer any question you may have and you can get a feel as to if you’d enjoy working with me.

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