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Inner Alignment

The 2023


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Everything is different now.

We've stepped into some new times , everything around us is changing. You're also changing. This means that some doors that were once open are now closed - and some that were closed are now open.

What we need more than anything is to refresh, come back to center, and step into deeper alignment with ourselves than ever before. Only this way can we recognize the true opportunity that's here and begin newer, more satisfying avenues of growth in 2023.

To that end, may I introduce:

Here's the deal:

You're not lazy, you're not unmotivated. There's nothing wrong with you, and you are indeed trying hard enough.

What's needed now is alignment. That's what 2023 is calling for - for you to step into a greater level of integrity and congruence with yourself. To achieve deeper clarity about who you are and what you're doing. Once this is accomplished, you'll find it much easier to actually move forward.

That's the intention behind the 2023 Inner Alignment Package: Congruence, integrity, clarity.

When you have these things down, then you're no longer fighting against yourself! You don't have to go through these endless torturous up-and-down loops of hope and failure.


All of this is replaced with the continuous hum of creation; The Flow State; An absence of worry and stress; A natural, organic uprising of gratitude and appreciation for your life.

Through inner alignment you access your natural in-born wellspring of creative power once again

With The 2023 Inner Alignment Package you get:

- 10 hour-long private sessions

- Unlimited email support until April 30th

- Flexible scheduling (book the sessions anytime you want before April 30)

- Access to my discounted "family rate" if you wish to continue getting 1-1 sessions afterward

In my earlier coaching packages, there used to be a huge focus on things like accountability, scheduling, and time management. Now we're going to focus on the following 5 things:

1) Belief Work - i.e. uncovering hidden beliefs that are disallowing you from moving forward,

2) Clearings - i.e. using certain modalities to clear discovered unhelpful thought-patterns,

3) Personalized Guidance - I'll offer any council that I may feel intuitively guided to give,

4) Total Support / Held Space - this will be a space of complete acceptance, non-judgment. You can totally be yourself here and speak freely.

5) The Return to Center - Perhaps the most important piece will be assisting you to return to your center of power. A place where you're unworried, unhurried, and completely tuned into life as it is now.

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Payment Plans

The investment for The 2023 Inner Alignment Package is $1,024. You have the option to pay for it all upfront OR you can sign up for one of the
following payment plan options.

NOTE! All figures are in Canadian dollars.

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Full Pay Option


Subscription Plans

$520 x 2months

$355 x 3months

$270 x 4months

NOTE: This offer is valid until Jan 21

Here's an email that I received recently from someone that I've been working with. If you're on the fence about this offer, then hopefully this will give you a sense of the power behind this work.

I was extremely burnt out when we started working together, and to be honest, in a really dark place. I knew you could help with productivity and goals, but I did not expect you to quickly recognize the deeper things that made following through on anything feel pointless or overwhelming. You are remarkably intuitive, making it feel safe to talk about things I’ve never said out loud before. You’ve really held space for me in a masterclass kind of way.

You’ve helped me navigate so many challenges and, in every conversation, have offered an uncommon level of humor, compassion, and sincerity. Through our talks, you helped me believe that big things were possible again, people are worth caring about, my existence is not bad but good, and I can feel safe in the world in a way I never have. 


Seriously, every aspect of life has become better for me because of working with you.

I’m very thankful to have you in my corner, and I hope you have even a small sense of the impact you have had on shaping my life for the better.

- KW

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