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What does mean to be a "Lightworker"?

As part of my ongoing commitment to serving you into greater, more profound levels of self-actualization - I'm giving you access to my "secret stash" of knowledge that I don't otherwise publicly share. Ever.

If you look at the different articles that I post on my blog here, you'll see that they're all geared toward various aspects of the journey of becoming disciplined, focused, consistent, and productive. I've been over this territory so much I could talk about it in my sleep. The process of setting up a good, healthy habit is very simple. It just takes a certain amount of commitment that runs deeper than any of your doubt. Once you've accomplished that, then rest is just colouring in the lines.

My motivation behind these teachings is to assist you in finding that level of commitment in yourself, in all the different areas of your life, so that you can become truly healthy, balanced, and well.

From here you can begin taking direct action on your soul's deepest longings. This is the part where I convince you that you doing this might be the most important thing that you CAN do in this lifetime. That these unique offerings are hotly anticipated by the rest of us, even if we don't yet know about it.

For example, just think about your favourite music album. Think about your life before that album. That's their life before YOU make YOUR thing.

It's here that I've been positioning myself in the world, and ideally as a guide in your journey, to help you along this sort of conveyor belt.

But there's more to it than just that. I've been unwilling to talk about it, but it feels like if I'm to start stepping up into my own higher levels of service, then this is where we need to go.

Lightworkers, Healers, Wayshowers, & Empaths

A Lightworker is a term that refers to a person who carries an indelible desire to be a healing presence in the world. A lightworker is innately interested in the spiritual awakening and growth of humanity and feels some level of responsibility for making a maximal contribution to these two ends.

The term lightworker doesn't elevate anyone above anyone else, does not designate anyone as more special, and does not exclude anyone. It is an entirely inclusive club, whereby the only requirements of entry are that you resonate with the above paragraph. A desire to be a Lightworker (or fear that you may NOT be) is a certain indicator that you are one.

It's nevertheless a useful term because there is a section of humans that are oriented this way, and that section seems to be growing as more young people enter the world stage.

This doesn't just refer to people who wish to improve the world - almost anyone would relate to this sentiment anyway - but those who additionally feel a sense that they came here with the express purpose of anchoring more light into the world.

These people acutely feel the emotional/psychological heaviness of the human energy field, as it has been built up over the last several thousands of years, and notice their innate, intuitive ability to heal it and replace its spot with more light.

What is meant by 'Light' in this context?

Light can be imagined in its conventional sense - like the light from the sun, for example. But its scope is also much broader. The term can be used somewhat synonymously with 'love', 'space', and even 'emptiness'.

If in your life someone makes a snide, underhanded type of remark that leaves you feeling not entirely respected, then you have two basic options in response. You can either "get in the dirt" and start playing the game of 'who gets the last say' - or you can make a basic choice to see the greater context (i.e. "this person is probably hurting, lashing out, and doesn't mean it personally") and offer instead a smile or some other symbol of respect.

In an instance such as this, an aspect of the heavy, dark mass of unhealed pain in the world has been lightened. A healing has taken place. An awakening has occurred, regardless of how minor it seems, or how subconsciously it's registered.

There is a subtle recognition of one's own self in the other. A smile. A waking up out of the nightmare that is the human condition. It's a miracle - to describe it in any other way would only reflect the lack of insight in the describer.

When Light is anchored, human consciousness wakes up. There is an automatic forgiveness that comes about. After all, Forgiveness is the fragrance released upon the heal that has crushed it.

Human Life from the Perspective of a Lightworker

There's a meme that I saw once - it was the image of a Tweet that said "If both basketball teams just worked together, they could score so many more points!." It was written as a joke, but there's an important and powerful truth here.

Suppose for a minute that we all stopped fighting each other, and instead started working together. Instead of employing our creativity and will-power at the expense of our opponents - we pool and harmonize them in order to have the best possible crack at solving our most challenging problems.

Could we solve the big ones? Our political, ecological, and social problems?

I think so. When several entities harmonize their intentions toward a single outcome, then profound creative resources become available.

There's a certain moment of grief for every lightworker to experience when this realization comes on. And it always does. What could we get done if we just stopped fighting each other?

And thus the work part of the lightworker comes in. The lightworker voluntarily experiences the heavy, contracted energy of human life every day, and through the depth of their love and intentions for healing, anchor light into the world as skillfully as they possibly can.

Lightworkers out in the Wild

If I had to guess, I'd say that somewhere around 18% of all living humans are lightworkers. So they're still in the minority, and yet we are talking about a lot of people. Most of them don't know that's what they are; are unaware of what they're doing.

They're around. You can find them. Not many of them announce it in an overt way. In addition to those who are unaware of what they are, there's another section of those (like myself) who are otherwise unwilling to talk about it except in very private conversations with trusted acquaintances.

But you'll see them! You'll see them in all races, religions, communities, nationalities, and castes.

You'll recognize them based on how they seem to never get totally swept up in human culture, are not terribly concerned about the minutia of human dealings, human customs, pop culture, or harsh political mudslinging. You'll recognize them based on how they have 'their own thing going on' that they carefully protect. They're often very caring and empathetic, struggle with boundary-setting, and hold themselves to very high standards of conduct.

Lessons for Lightworkers

If you recognize yourself in this article, then please rest assured that you're seen and you're not alone. Please also know that your contributions to Earthly life are larger than you're presently aware of. Your presence creates a passive influence on the people that you interact with - even in small interactions - and your purpose here as a lightworker is being fulfilled.

In fact the idea that you're not living your life properly is yet part of the cultural mental sphere that is being transmuted in these times. It is false, has been debunked, and will continue to be debunked until it truly dies out.

Most lightworkers feel great shame and isolation about their inner worlds. Many have questioned if there's something wrong or strange about them. There's just simply no room in the current cultural narrative for this kind of thing. My hope behind this article is that it validates your inner knowing about your presence here and provides at least some comfort that there truly is nothing wrong with you.

You are seen, held, and loved.

Thank you for everything you do.

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