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What you need is power.

Only when we allow ourselves to become powerful can we get unstuck, get in control, and make things happen.

Play the video below and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Welcome to
Super Excellent II

Can you feel it!?


The landscape of our lives, our society, and our culture are all shifting rapidly beneath our feet.


It may seem a little chaotic and the majority of people will label this lack of solid footing as a “bad” thing.


But you and I know different, we realize that all this upheaval and disruption of the “norm” can mean only one thing​ - opportunity.


So many things are now possible that even just a year ago were unfathomable - that’s the good news.


The bad news is we can't grab ahold of these new opportunities unless we're deeply grounded, centered, and operating from a place of empowerment and flow.

Now more than ever, we need the ability to trust ourselves and to trust the unseen forces that weave together the very fabric of reality that surrounds you and I. 


We need to be able to offer and receive support from the wonderful people around us. 


We need the ability to gain clarity about our goals, create a plan to obtain them, and then execute that plan. 


We need to stop living someone else's life through a tiny rectangular screen and most importantly start living a life based on our own standards.


These are all skills that we’ve been conditioned to let atrophy by well meaning souls and systems that, despite having our best interest in mind, missed their mark somewhere along the way.


The brightside is that we can dust off these neglected skills, reclaim our personal power, and start remembering what it feels like to be simultaneously fulfilled and supported.

To this end, we have Super Excellent, a culmination of everything I’ve learned through my years of being a productivity and flow state coach - my personal empowerment mastermind and your ticket forward.

What is Super Excellent?

Super Excellent: Personal Empowerment Mastermind is a group mastermind forum that spans over 8 weeks and is composed of weekly live meetings all designed to teach you about achieving levels of success far and above what you believe to be realistic for you by diving into topics around clarity, intuition, personal worth, and reality creation.

Every time we meet, I’ll introduce high-level insights designed to shake up your current paradigm of success, the world around you, and your place in it. 


Each week you’ll be introduced to subjects that will help you see and think about things in a fresh light and each week you will be taught tried and tested tools and practices that you can use to move things forward.


I’ve used these tools and techniques in my private coaching to help clients increase their income manyfold while working less and enjoying life more.

Although you’ll be able to interact with the other members of Super Excellent - this is not an accountability forum.


Accountability forums, by their design, are meant to keep you dependent on them for your continued growth and success. I have created Super Excellent to deliver a clear and empowering experience that, by the end of our 8 weeks together, will allow you to stand firmly on your own two feet, armed with a new set of tools, and confidently moving forward in life whenever you please. 

Because of this structure you can access and use the tools and knowledge of Super Excellent at your own pace and however you see fit.

It'll be a “choose your own adventure” of sorts. 


Each week we'll hone in on key themes that are important to unpack and take them deeper with each call, allowing you to cultivate and choreograph your own breakthroughs - which is the only way to spark lasting change. 


Throughout the 8 weeks you’ll experience many “A-Ha” moments. Something may not immediately make sense during the call but then a day or two later a lightning bolt of clarity will well up from your subconscious leaving you astonished, laughing to yourself, and with a new level of understanding about the world around you and how to operate within it.


Each time we meet we will discuss how the wisdom from the past meeting has been working for us, the results that it's been creating,  and in between sessions we will all have access to a private Discord group that will keep us in touch throughout.


In this way each member will simultaneously experience their own progress and breakthroughs while also expanding and adding to the collective wisdom of the group as a whole.


If you are energetically sensitive you'll likely register warm, supportive, light, friendly, and focused energy around this forum.


Mastermind Central Themes

Below are some of the important themes that are covered in the upcoming weeks


How to be Consistent

Do you struggle with follow through and staying disciplined? You'll learn deep, powerful tactics to change this.


Master your Intuition and Guidance

When you trust yourself, you can access your inner source of intuition which is always guiding you upward your evolutionary path.


Respect your Path

How to stop comparing yourself to others, how to get out of superiority/inferiority psychology. Learn how to respect your personal journey.


"The Threshold of the Unknown"

Learn essential insights on how to recognize and step beyond the threshold of the unknown for maximum personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Super Excellent Mastermind is appropriate for me?

Super Excellent is particularly appropriate for those who:

- experience struggle and friction with their work

- feel overwhelmed and uncertain coming into the new year

- are feeling ready make some bigger and bolder moves in 2024

What exactly happens inside of these calls?

Each call has a pre-decided theme that Brent will expand on through discourse, select exercises, clearings, and 1-1 dialogues with members. The calls will be roughly an hour long each time. Members will get access to recordings for posterity.

What if I can't make the time for the calls?

The replays of each call will be posted ASAP.

Click below to enroll

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