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Productivity Coaching

Some people have visions of the great things they could accomplish, but don't act on them. I guide people into a state of holistic productivity to accomplish these things - simply and effectively - and thus level up their lives.

Start actualizing your true potential

It's time to start leveling up your game, can we agree on that?

This sort of thing will not happen on its own, no matter how much we wait. We could end up waiting forever! Productivity & Actualization coaching is designed to put you on the most direct path toward you living out your authentic purpose in the world.

We'll start by taming the chaos and getting you on top of your work. From there we'll introduce new systems and ideas and we'll cut away all the nonsense so that you can really start living the way you've been meaning to this whole time.

If this sounds like the right thing for you, then get yourself a $5 trial session below.

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Just to reiterate, today’s session was phenomenal. Wherever “it was” that “we went” today, I’ve never mentally been there before.  In the moment, and also after, it feels like a “higher” way of living and “being.” I’m very happy to continue exploring this on my own throughout the week, and also with you in the future.


You’re an incredibly talented practitioner with what you do.  I started this journey with you several months ago thinking I’d get a little better at motivating myself, get on a better schedule, etc.—and we continue to accomplish much of that—but what you’ve shown me and how I’m beginning to view myself and the world is so much greater and far beyond what I ever expected.

Jason, AB

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the $5 Trial Session

For the bulk of it, I'll be mostly focused on learning about you. I'll ask you a handful of questions all designed to give me a good sense of what's going on in your world and what direction your life could take.

Once I feel confident that I have a good sense of this, then I can switch into advice mode and help clarify the right path forward for you. I'll offer you some ideas, techniques, or frames that will help create a substantial shift in your world.

Even though the trial session is the way for people to sign up as clients for ongoing coaching, if you decide it's not for you, you will still get the benefit of a full private 1-1 coaching session for the $5 you invested.

Are these sessions like therapy? If not, what's the difference?

I'm not a therapist and these are not therapy sessions, even though there can be overlap between that and the coaching I offer. The main point of overlap is that in my sessions we will typically do some deep inner work exercises designed to bring about profound levels of inner peace and congruence.

The major difference is that whereas therapy would be appropriate for those suffering from mental illness, addiction and the like - these coaching sessions are for people who have already attained a satisfactory level of stability in their lives and are ready to take the elevator even higher up.

What qualifications or certifications do you have for this work?

I'm certified as a practitioner for both NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis through NLP Canada. Beyond that, I draw upon my experience +1000 logged session hours as well as my personal journey in studying my favourite spiritual teachers including: Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Matt Kahn, Roberts/Seth, Barbara Ann Brennan, Osho; my favourite Self-Help teachers: Carnegie, Hill, Burchard, Pagan; and YouTubers that I've come to admire such as: Leo Gura and Suzanne Chang. 

Do you have a process that you take your clients through? How does this work over time?

In almost every case, clients sign up for a half-year block of 24 weekly sessions, each roughly an hour long. We begin by looking out ahead at the complete picture of what we'd like to accomplish. Usually we aim super high and make a rough plan for how we might accomplish it.

These goals serve as a touch-point for each session that we hold. After that though, sessions will go wherever they will, based on whatever is most pressing at the time.

My coaching style is spontaneous and improvised. My chief priority is to follow my intuition as we make our way to whatever is the most important point of interest that can open up a new wealth of opportunity for you.

I'm interested in taking the $5 session but I don't know if I necessarily want to commit to that. Is that alright?

It is! There's a certain percentage of people that would like to commit, and that works enough for me that there's no pressure on any one person to do so. It's really exciting for me to meet people who are willing to put down their $5 to get coached and up-level themselves. Sometimes people are sensitive about wasting my time, but the opposite is the case - I consider it to be a highly productive use of it.

Get your 1-1 session for $5

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