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What I do for my clients

I’m Brent, I’m a Coach, Healer, and Intuitive and I offer private one-on-one sessions to a small group of regular clients and if you’re seeing this page, it means that I currently have at least one spot available for new clients.


In a nutshell here’s what I do:


1) I assist you in creating a positive, harmonious relationship with your work.

Anywhere you feel stuck in your work life, we get you unstuck and back into the exciting stuff

Anywhere you’re ready to make big moves but you’re delaying – I’ll support you through it

Anywhere work has become friction, or a total slog, we replace it with flow.

2) I show you how to bring self-doubt and fear to a close.

Imagine knowing deep down in your bones that all is well, and all is on track!

Imagine no longer being intimidated by your own mind and emotions!

3) I guide you into a place of profound self-trust

Understand and trust your intuition

Regular action upon your highest and best path.


Through this work you are brought into a state of deep flow, enjoyment, and expansion with your life. 

Who is this work for?

People are the most keenly ready for this type of 1-1 work will be grappling with issues like:

Feeling like you ought to be doing something different with your time on Earth, but not knowing what.

Feeling like you DO know what but don't trust yourself to go with it.

Feeling like there's a lot that you could be accomplishing, but you're not doing it.

Feeling like all of your energy is being lost in difficult interactions with other people.

Feeling confused, foggy, unable to commit to one path of action.

Deep meaninglesness and nihilism.

Deep powerlessness.

Too much chaos and disorganization.

How do the sessions work?

The sessions take on the tone and pace of a relaxed conversation between friends.

As it unfolds though, I will be listening carefully to you as you speak about what's most causing trouble for you in your life and through a back-and-forth dialogue I will guide us to the very center, of the center, of the center of the issue.

Almost always, the center of the issue is the cause of not just one but many of the other problems and thus we can often tackle many of them at once.

As I mention HERE - our job isn't to just solve your problems, it's to actually dissolve the "problem-space" itself so that new ones don't need to keep cropping up all the time.

I'm interested! What do I do now?

Great! The next step is to book yourself in for a free consult. For convenience, here's the link again:

The link will take you to my calendar and a short form to fill out.

When the time comes, we'll get on a live call, and I'll take you through the session. While we chat I'll be asking you questions mostly to:

- Learn about you

- Learn about the journey that you're on

- Learn about what your next level of growth looks like

- Learn about what's slowing you down or stopping you from moving forward

People always report coming out of these sessions with awesome new levels of clarity and power.

When that's done I'll answer any questions you may have for me, tell you about my different package offerings, and demonstrate how they will allow us to actualize the work that we set out in front of us in the session.

If we find something that works for us both, then we'll get you signed up and ready to rock! If not we can always try again some other time, no worries.

Either way I'll make sure that you come away with usable, actionable advice to move yourself forward.

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