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Productivity Coaching

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When I meet people and talk with them, it doesn't take long before I start glimpsing the potential in them. And once I get that glimpse - despite knowing better - I become invested in seeing this potential be actualized.

It took me a long time to learn that not everyone is interested in hearing and talking about it. But my guess is that since you're here reading this, you definitely are.

Thus the first aspect to being coached is that I will believe in your ability to actualize your potential - and I'll teach you how to believe in it too. This will be a big victory for us because when failures & disappointments come, they will only have us question our strategy but not the vision. This saves us tons of confusion and wasted time.

The second aspect will be to heal and bolster your self-respect. Usually people fight me on this one, and I get it. We don't really like or respect ourselves because we don't think we deserve it based on our behaviour. But the truth is that if we can start with self-respect, then this will convert all of the self-sabotage into cooperation.

The third aspect will be to repair and strengthen your self-integrity; the relationship between your word and your action. We'll get you to commit to certain doable actions and to be steadfast with the commitment until the promise is complete. This will demonstrate your own potency to you as we get more wins on the board.

The fourth aspect will be to examine which diving boards it's time to jump off of. What actions could you be taking that you've been delaying for so long - that if you took them it would begin a whole new chapter for you? Let's discern what they are and move forward with them.

The fifth aspect will be to remove friction from your life and get you into flow with your work and life. This is a deep topic and I've put tons of content out on it. This is where the magic will really start to open up, when things will really start getting good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So is this like therapy or what?

While there is definitely some overlap between the role of a therapist and that of a coach, there are also some important distinctions.


Generally one would go to a therapist for help healing mental/emotional ailments such as depression, trauma, phobias, and the like. For persons who are in a place of deep suffering from these conditions, I'd recommend checking out therapy first before coaching.

However if you are in a generally stable place, and are seriously looking to get your self and life in order to be levelled-up, then you're exactly in the right spot for coaching.

In coaching, we start with what the actualization of your potential might look like and we draw the most direct possible line from here to there - approaching and dissolving whatever obstacles appear along the way.

What qualifications or certifications do you have for this work?

I'm certified as a practitioner for both NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis through NLP Canada. Beyond that I prefer to offer my collection of testimonials, my accumulated experience in this work, as well as my body of content as a sufficient "proof of concept" for my work.

Do you have a process that you take your clients through? How does this work over time?

In almost every case, clients sign up for a half-year block of 24 weekly sessions, each roughly an hour long. We begin by looking out ahead at the complete picture of what we'd like to accomplish. Usually we aim super high and make a rough plan for how we might accomplish it.

These goals serve as a touch-point for each session that we hold. After that though, sessions will go wherever they will, based on whatever is most pressing at the time.

My coaching style is spontaneous and improvised. My chief priority is to follow my intuition as we make our way to whatever is the most important point of interest that can open up a new wealth of opportunity for you.

I'm interested in taking the $5 session but I don't know if I necessarily want to commit to that. Is that alright?

It is! There's a certain percentage of people that would like to commit, and that works enough for me that there's no pressure on any one person to do so. It's really exciting for me to meet people who are willing to put down their $5 to get coached and up-level themselves. Sometimes people are sensitive about wasting my time, but the opposite is the case - I consider it to be a highly productive use of it.



Just to reiterate, today’s session was phenomenal. Wherever “it was” that “we went” today, I’ve never mentally been there before.  In the moment, and also after, it feels like a “higher” way of living and “being.” I’m very happy to continue exploring this on my own throughout the week, and also with you in the future.


You’re an incredibly talented practitioner with what you do.  I started this journey with you several months ago thinking I’d get a little better at motivating myself, get on a better schedule, etc.—and we continue to accomplish much of that—but what you’ve shown me and how I’m beginning to view myself and the world is so much greater and far beyond what I ever expected.

Jason, AB

Get your 1-1 session for $5

Click below to get a $5 coaching session with me

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