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You're not behind!

Just a quick note for anyone who needs to hear this:

You're not behind. Period.

Nor are you ahead! We know this because whenever you observe the natural world anywhere, you'll never see anything that's ahead or behind. Even if one tree, somewhere out in the forest, grows more quickly than the one next to it, this wouldn't mean that the slower tree is behind.

Why not? Because there's no reward for reaching some destination quicker than anybody else. The reward is the growth itself, the journey itself, the experience of life itself. If you're too fixated on trying to arrive somewhere, then you'll never arrive. Therefore arrive now!

Let this moment be good enough for you.

Let your current situation be good enough.

Engage with your life as it is right now - not how it's supposed to be.

Let your focus be simply giving your attention and care entirely over to this day. Take some bold new action toward your expansion. And then step back and appreciate what you did.

Brick by brick, this is how your castle is built. There's no rush. There's time. For whichever brick your laying, lay this one skillfully, perfectly, as if it matters.

This is how we arrive.

- Brent

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