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About Brent

For whatever reason, I've come into the world with an interest in the uppermost limits of human evolution and expansion. This includes:

1) Developing lots of cool abilities and talents

2) Manifesting in the world the greatest longings that we hold in our soul, and

3) Becoming profoundly spiritually awake

This is what I've studied over the last 20 years, and I teach what I learn, as I learn. I've read many books, taken many courses, attended workshops, worked directly with teachers, coaches, and healers.

At some point along the way, I realized that even my most cherished authors and speakers have no more true authority than anyone else to contribute to these conversations, and thus I became a contributor myself.

You'll find the bulk of this work on YouTube, TikTok, and my blog.

In the beginning my big focus was on productivity because that where I struggled the most. Asking questions like:

- how to focus?

- how to commit?

- how to follow through on something?

- how to stay motivated?

Eventually I got answers that I was satisfied with and then continued on to ask newer, deeper questions like:

- How to heal?

- How to find peace, centeredness, safety?

- How to become truly authentic?

- What is real? What is true?

Therefore my work generally applies to those who resonate with what's written here.

If that's you, I suggest that you get in touch and help yourself to a free Live 1-1 Consultation by clicking below.

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