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About Me

Or: "Whoa! Productivity Coach? How did you end up doing that?"

My Background 

In 2015 I fell into an intense depression that was my 'dark night of the soul'. I was physically incapacitated and constantly confused and overwhelmed. I had no discipline, no focus, no sense of what I was doing. I was hounded by a sense that I was wasting my time, my life, my potenial.

At my lowest point it became clear to me that I didn't actually believe in my ability to have any power or control over my life and that I would need to either change this belief or ride it all the way off the cliff.

And I needed to make that choice now because all this time in indecision was also causing me to wither away.

I decided eventually that it must be possible to create an amazing life for myself, even if the almighty question of HOW was unclear.

From there until now, it's been a crazy journey into the study of subjects such as productivity, success, satisfaction, fulfillment, and self-actualization. 

I read books, took courses, worked with coaches, meditated, tried, failed, wrote, studied, and eventually started teaching... all of which lead me to amass a body of study that I call Sustainable, High-Level Productivity and now focus on assisting anyone who's going through what I did.

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