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A simple tweak that will easily connect you with greater motivation

If you're like the rest of us, then you likely struggle with having super high standards for yourself but constantly coming up short of them in your day-by-day actions & behaviour. Maybe your actions are severely lacking! If so, then this might make you feel super frustrated, ashamed, guilty and whatever else. But this frustration doesn't lead to any improvements, just more frustration.

So if the above paragraph describes you, then you can try out this simple tweak in your thinking to exit this shitty downward spiral and step into a better, more productive one.

We can start with a question: Who is all of this for?

When you get out of bed and do your best to create success for yourself, who are you doing it for?

Sometimes I ask people this question, and the answer goes like "I'm doing this to make myself successful SO THAT I can share the wealth." I'm willing to bet that if I asked you this, you'd say the same. That you want to create tons of success for yourself SO THAT you can support your parents, friends, siblings, lovers. Or maybe you want to improve your community in some way. Maybe you want to leave the world better than you found it.

Here is the tweak - or, mental shift - that I'm inviting you to try out:

Bring them into focus. Do it for them.

When it's time to get up and exercise, make yourself strong so that you can better serve the people you love. Do it for them.

When it's time to work and you want to dick around on Reddit or TikTok or whatever - remember that you're doing this work for them.

If you're going to do something a little more gutsy like start a business, create your art, or have an important conversation with someone, and you feel a little hesitation, remember that you're doing it for them.

The more our focus shifts from self-service to service-to-others, we become filled with a sense of responsibility and meaning. It's intoxicating! We achieve the 'flow state' with our work. It's very satisfying.

Just identify who you are hoping to serve, and in what way. Trust that this service is desired, wanted, even needed. And with renewed commitment, get to your work.

Hope this helps!

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