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Beyond Productivity:

The Self Mastery Bundle

Access Teachings on Stepping into True Self-Mastery

The 5 Pillars of Self-Mastery

5 Principles to Actualize your Greater Potential

This is a PDF ebook that comes with an audio version. Among many other things, you'll learn:


  • How to undo and uncreate self-sabotage

  • How to stick with plans you make, and make plans that you'll stick with

  • How to capture and operate from the powerfully creative flow state.

  • How to release self-doubt

Regular price: $27


Deep Productivity Skills
Audio Set


This is a short, hard-hitting audio MP3 series that will speak to the most
popular and pressing concerns regarding self-discipline and productivity.


  • Session 1: How to overcome procrastination

  • Session 2: How to be disciplined

  • Session 3: How to cultivate focus

  • Session 4: How to maintain motivation

Regular price: $18

Habit Mastery COVER.png

Habit Mastery

Powerful frames and techniques for setting good habits

This PDF ebook (also with audio) is all about habits and habit-setting. In this you'll learn:


  • Simple, powerful concepts for installing habits for the long run

  • What it takes to get back on track if you fall off

  • How to recognize when you've successfully onboarded a new habit, and where to go from there

Regular price: $27

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